About Daxon

Daxon Development Ltd. was founded in 2001.

Our company provides OEM, ODM and financial  services for companies in US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Our product range covers electronic consumer, electric appliances, industrials  spare parts, as well as other kinds of products.

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Our strict quality control system makes sure our products will meet your quality standards. We have passed and verified CE and FCC conformity tests. We can even provide construction check and will proceed for each production to strict inspection services before any delivery.


Our productions follow strict project management rules so that a production is always finished and delivered ON TIME to our customer, this satisfaction is a main concern of our teams.


Our goal is to provide better and more comprehensive services to different domestic as well as overseas customers. We aim to ensure an excellent service to our customers.
By constant technology innovation, advanced marketing concepts as well as effective measures of market expansion and capital operation, we realize the aim of establishing the world-class HK enterprise.
We cordially welcome your OEM or ODM project under your specifications!

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