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L/C discounting

With Daxon L/C discounting, you can offer to yours costumers up to 90 days payment. You will be paid immediately by your bank.
Improve your cash flow and receive payments promptly once documents accepted under the LC are confirmed as compliant. With bank guaranteed security, LC Discounting can act as a benefit to all parties involved : buyer, seller and guaranteeing bank.

What is a L/C?

A letter of credit is basically a guarantee from a bank that a seller will receive a payment due from a buyer.
Increase yours sales – Accept new customers – Do safe business using Letter of Credit (L/C)

What is a L/C Discounting?

Often a buyer does not want to pay for the goods immediately after receiving them. The seller may not like this idea and would rather receive payment immediately. In this case, the seller may ask Daxon for a discounted payment.

How It Works?

If the seller wants immediate payment, but the buyer doesn’t want to pay immediately, Daxon’s bank may offer to pay the seller for the goods. Daxon’s bank then pays the seller the full amount of the invoice minus a discount.

How it supports your business

Enables you to receive payment more promptly; you won’t have to wait for your buyer to pay you at a future date
Helps you to improve your cash flow
Gives you the ability to offer your trading partner longer payment terms, which can put you in a stronger negotiating position and improve your relationship
Allows you to pay your suppliers early and can help place you in a position to negotiate better pricing
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